Buying on Loan or Lease: Which is Best for You?

Acquiring a car is one of the biggest purchases you can make. Therefore it is important to weigh your options and get the best deal. Here is more about buying on loan and getting a lease.

Leasing a Car
• With leasing, you get a new car after a few years.
• You don’t have to worry about selling the car later.
• Leasing comes with low down payments and low monthly fees.
• It is a good consideration when you need a car for a few years.

Buying on Loan
• You own the car outright when your load is paid off.
• After loan payment, you get the car title and can use it for future investments.
• When you buy a car, you have no restrictions on mileage.

Buying a car on loan or lease are great options. You can acquire one in Maumee by visiting Charlie's Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM for the best deals for just you.
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