Monitoring Your Tire Pressure Light

Your tire pressure light plays an important role for you because it lets you know if your tires have the correct amount of air. If the tires are over- or under-inflated, the light will come on. Unfortunately, even tire pressure lights are not fail proof. Visit our service center at Charlie’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM if you have concerns about your tire pressure.

The tire pressure light is there to monitor your tire pressure, but certain things can cause it give you an inaccurate reading. Hot temperatures may cause your tires to over-inflate. Cold temperatures, on the other hand, may cause the light to come om until the car has been running for a little while.

If your tires don’t seem to be holding the right amount of pressure, it could be the tire pressure light or the tires themselves. Stop in Maumee, OH or call for an appointment today. Our trained staff can check everything over and put your mind at ease.

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