The All-New Ram ProMaster Packed with Needed Capability Features

Business owners are turning to the Ram ProMaster cargo van to get their goods to customers on time. Here are a few capability features that make the case for this particular cargo van.

The new Ram ProMaster cargo van is equipped with the front-wheel-drive system for navigating busy streets easily. This type of system needs less in the way of maintenance, and allows for even more hauling space than those cargo vans that come with the rear-wheel-drive system.

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Choose the Strong and Durable Ram 3500

If you are looking for a popular heavy-duty pickup truck, know that the Ram 3500 has much to offer to you. If you are looking for a durable vehicle to use as you take on all kinds of tasks in Maumee, take time to learn more about the Ram 3500.

The frame of your vehicle can help the vehicle to stand strong in all kinds of situations. The Ram 3500 is made with a durable steel frame.

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The Hauling Possibilities of the 2018 Ram ProMaster City

If you plan on hauling large or heavy items, you're going to need to invest in a vehicle that's designed to get the job done. The 2018 Ram ProMaster City is a sought-after cargo van/passenger wagon that's built to do all the heavy lifting.

Whether you're planning to use the ProMaster City to carry your personal belongings or to adapt for your business needs, you'll be happy to know that the vehicle has 131.7 cubic feet of space. 

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Chrysler 300 Interior Features

The Chrysler 300 has earned its full-size luxury sedan distinction through its interior features. They include leather-trimmed seats that are standard in most models. The seats are also offered with eight-way power and heated options.

From the seats, you’ll notice the blue-lighted instrument panel that keeps you apprised of all of the vehicle’s functions while you’re driving. 

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Dodge Charger: Safety is Built In

Have you ever felt the safety bumps on the side of the road underneath your wheels? If you have, you were probably glad that they were there to alert you that you were veering off the road. But those safety bumps aren't on all roadsides, and with the Dodge Charger, a popular performance sedan, you have safety features built into the vehicle so that you don't have to rely on the way that the road was constructed.

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Monitoring Your Tire Pressure Light

Your tire pressure light plays an important role for you because it lets you know if your tires have the correct amount of air. If the tires are over- or under-inflated, the light will come on. Unfortunately, even tire pressure lights are not fail proof. Visit our service center at Charlie’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM if you have concerns about your tire pressure.

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Mopar Carries on After Eight Decades of Excellence

Mopar recently celebrated more than 80 years of raising the bar for quality auto parts. If you own a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM or Fiat vehicle, then you have more than likely know firsthand that the parts and service offered by Mopar are some of the best in the auto industry.

In celebration of reaching this major milestone, the brand designed and is selling only 160 models of the 2017 Mopar Dodge Challenger for true fans to enjoy. T

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Tire Sizes Are No Longer a Mystery

Have you ever seen a code on the side of your tires that resembled "P200/70R22" and wondered what that meant? Luckily, we here at Charlie’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM in Maumee, OH are here to give you the basics on tire sizing.

The "P" stands for passenger vehicle which is the most common type on the road today. The 200 means the tire is 200 millimeters in width. 

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Time to Get a Fuel System Service Checkup for Your Car

Pay close attention to when your vehicle is telling you that it is experiencing trouble and you will be able to narrow down what is and isn't fuel system related.

Some days you can start your car with one attempt, other days it will take 10 minutes for the car to turn over. This is usually a sign of a failing battery, but it can also be a sign the fuel pump is failing and will eventually stopped working.

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