While on the open roadways for your next roadtrip whether with your family or solo, you probably enjoy audio books and podcasts on your journey. Do you love mysteries and crime stories?  Here is a great suggested list of podcasts from Lovely Lucky Life for your next trip to consider:


·       More Perfect

·       Someone Knows Something

·       Criminal

·       Finding Tammy Jo

·       Missing

·       Up & Vanished

·       Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo

·       Atlanta Monster

·       My Favorite Murder

·       Serial


Why are podcasts suggested for the car? It brings excitement and takes away being stuck in the rut with a quiet vehicle or if you are tired of listening to music for a while. It's a nice alternative if you like some noise and like to be engaged safely while driving.



Podcasts also develop the imagination and encourage creativity. They can also be educational, fun, and exciting! If you never have listened to a podcast, you are missing out. Definitely give it a shot, especially while in the car!