You may be noticing more and more reckless and distracted driving this day and age. In some cases, it's getting completely out of hand and needs to be addressed. For drivers who follow the rules may notice they have to be more of an aggressive driver just to avoid accidents. 

Here are top 5 rules that should always be followed. Unfortunately, it's also common for these to be broken.  Many of us may be guilty of these mistakes but being aware can help us fix them and drive properly. We need to set examples for our teen drivers.

1. Not Using Your Turn Signal
2. Crossing Lanes While Turning
3. Speeding through Stop Signs, yellow lights, and red lights (more and more people are going through red lights).
4. Tailgating
5. Texting and driving

These top five are serious and should be noted. Especially going through red lights, tailgating, and texting and driving. There is a lot of road rage as well that contributes to these problems. It seems there are more angry people out there. The best thing to do is mind your own business, drive carefully, and move out of the way ASAP if you see any driving issues such as these pop-ups. We need to really use all our senses while driving.

Let's follow the rules, buckle up, and be safe out there!!